18, December 2015

Struggles of Small Catering Company

There are so many businesses across the world that areworking on survival tactics in the competitive business world, one of them being the catering industry. With that in mind, this information is going to highlight the struggles undertaken by small catering companies. Why a small catering business, you may ask? Well, it is obvious thatRead More …


9, December 2015

Challenges faced by small catering businesses

Small catering businesses have to face different challenges, and many business owners have to hire the right employees for the job to increase sales, to make the payroll, to file the taxes and to provide high quality customer care. The catering business needs to remain visible to the targeted audience, but for a small business there are always pressing priorities that require the immediate attention of the owner.  Much time is being spent on the operational issues, so the owner might struggle to find the time to do marketing until he/she realizes that the sales become dependent on creating visibility and generating demand for the service and products.

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When it comes to the Problems faced by a small Catering Company when they struggle for success and fame, there are many challenges that the company has to address.

Small business marketing challenges


The small catering company faces the problems of lacking resources, needing increased visibility, generating quality leads, deciding on the best social media platform, and delivering and producing the food and services efficiently. The business should also keep up with technology and trends. Most of such challenges are tactical in nature, but the good news is that they are easily solved through focus and some planning.

Creating the marketing plan, the action plan and the editorial calendar

Addressing most of the marketing challenges can be accomplished through creating a simple marketing plan in order to guide the efforts that are based on the resource constraint and to schedule your time accordingly. The small business may not have enough time to market effectively for their clients or to write long content. When a business owner does not have a plan, they may become overwhelmed by the many opportunities and challenges that they face, not knowing which direction will be most beneficial to the business. Such a business will lack the proper foundation that can drive its success. Without a plan specific for their business, they may just end up copying everything they see other businesses doing.  In each case, the person will be wasting money and time with nothing to show for it. The marketing plan has to focus the efforts through attracting the target audience and increasing the visibility of the business so that it can constantly be growing.



Outsourcing tasks if necessary

The small catering business or solo professional face the problem of a lack of resources and sometime there is a lack of the right people to do something.  They do not have a huge budget, and they often do not have effective strategies in place because they have limited resources.  In such cases, they may consider outsourcing tasks to more qualified people to increase the success of the business and decrease the burden on the owner.  For example, the company should choose a person who is able to design a quality website and can deliver a website that is responsive and can support the marketing goals of the company. When the company wants to have someone to deal with social media, it should look for virtual assistant or get a copywriter for blogposts.


1, December 2015

Top 5 things that can make a small catering company’s struggles successful

You need to understand that beginning a catering business in today’s world is not a bed of roses. Fortunately, besides the enormous challenges there are also several effective ways to approach such challenges. This article is going to highlight several ways to approach the struggles you may face in your catering business. Competition You needRead More …